baba yaga

02 May

Latex faced Lady

Good evening!

Presenting… The Latex faced Baba Yaga! Gruesome, isn’t she?!
Here she is being held by the suspension hook I installed in her head (nestling underneath that ghastly mane of hair!), so that she can be hung as well as used as a traditional puppet. The mouth-plate took some refiguring as the face is latex and the mouth is considerably smaller than those I have worked with previously. I also chose not to apply the protruding tooth of the smaller model version and original illustration as this would have caused difficulties with the operation of the mouth.
Something I discovered (should you ever decide to work with latex I hope this is of some use to you!) was that Stretchi paints that are specifically made for this type of material made the puppet skin awfully glossy. I wanted more of a sallow look, so mixing various types of everyday foundation and eye shadows seemed to work beautifully. Liquid foundation in 2 shades was applied first, then a creme powder, and then a plethora of eyeshadows mixed to suit.

…Now all I need to do is replenish my make-up supply!


21 Apr

Baba Yaga Sneaky Peek

Good evening!

Continuing in the sneaky peeks vein, I thought I would give away just a little bit more before the main images are revealed. Here she is, Baba Yaga from initial design to book character ‘sneakypeek’. They always change a bit, I have come to terms with that! I’ve been toiling recently, with many cups of tea (which I am not complaining about because I really like tea) and not enough shut eye… so hopefully the results will be worthwhile.

Oh, and the Baba Yaga puppet pictures will be up soon, too, so it’s all very exciting!


17 Mar

Putty based Faux Pas and a new puppet

Good afternoon!

I am currently swamped with work, but in my efforts to multi-task I have started a new puppet based on my character designs for Baba Yaga. In the spirit of ‘experimentation’ I decided to work with a latex face, and so I needed to make a plaster mould. Needless to say, this is not without it’s own set of problems.
I have become very fond of epoxy putty (despite the stench) and chose to work on top of a paper mache base so as to hopefully eradicate the need to use alginate and work on the face of a real person.

‘Hurrah’, I thought, ‘let’s get you into a plaster mould’. Alas, my joy was short lived because I ran out of plaster halfway through filling the tub. I managed to get hold of some more plaster, and allow the mould to set but I did not predict this…

Oh no! The nose was stuck fast. So it was time for Plan B. Something I could easily peel out and that wouldn’t set. Plasticine!

The image above doesn’t depict the very end mould, but let me assure you that it actually works and disaster has been averted. Now it is time for a hand soak, because all of that moulding has taken its toll on my thumbs!

More to come soon (and never fear, I’ll reveal all about the post below this week).


30 Jan

Character developing and the like

Good aftenoon!

Here’s some little sketch from the character development stage of a recent sketchbook. Current developments include developing the character of ‘Baba Yaga’- she should be quite exciting once she makes it to the felted puppet stage. There may even be some ‘Yaga related treats for you to enjoy, very soon, as long as you’re good and eat your greens.


Stage 1…..

…Led to stage 2…