Drumroll please…

Good evening!

Well! It’s time for the reveal! Better late than never, eh? I’ve kept this relatively under my hat recently, but the news is that I have been working on exhibition pieces to be featured in the APW group exhibition in New York (which starts next week). It has been a very long process, mostly because I decided (in my infinite wisdom) to needlefelt not just one but 2 Munny vinyls. Although there are plenty of things I would change/wish I had had the time to add, I believe it was a valiant effort!



  1. Stitches and Glue says:

    They look amazing! The cat looks like a real bruiser, but i think my pink guerilla guy could take him

  2. Pearl Grey says:

    Thankyou! I would love to see them duke it out, saloon style. I’d insist the cat cover his eyes to make it a fair fight :)

  3. Turnip head says:

    Wow I’m in love with them both!!!
    The cat sort of reminds me of my one at home.

  4. Tigz says:

    omg!!! i love them!!!!!!! well done you as well hope everything goes well with the exhibition

  5. Pearl Grey says:

    Hehe! Thankyou both! :-D

  6. Emma Cowley says:

    Good luck at the exhibition honey, these look amazing! xx

  7. Pearl Grey says:

    Thankyou very much! :) xx

  8. Florence McLean says:


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