Many Fruits!

Good evening!

As promised I am back with a batch of work! Unfortunately there are some super exciting projects that I am sworn to secrecy on, but rest assured as soon as they are unveiled I will bring you news!
Here is another image from my recent show at the Coningsby Gallery. This time, fabulous British Designer, Vivienne Westwood.

I hope she gets to see this one day! I was also fortunate enough that this illustration was featured over on ‘Rock and Runway‘, the fabulous fashion and music blog that is run by an equally fabulous journalist friend of mine, Jen Burgess. Not only is the blog very informative, but Jen is rather funny to boot, so please do give it a read!

I am rather behind on these, so please forgive me, but I have work in the 2 most recent issues of Making Magazine! The most recent issue is fairytale themed which I was thrilled about! I was asked to draw Alice from Lewis Carrol’s classic story. I hope you like what I came up with!

There is also a brand new album of all of my illustrations for Making over on my Facebook page, so feel free to have a browse by clicking here. I also have images appearing in 3 issues of The Dolls’ House magazine on a murder mystery story! More on that soon (but the first issue is on shelves now!)

I was also recently asked by Stuart of Gnaeus Julius comics to illustrate another character, this time of my own creation. So I am proud to present to you… Sweetie!

She goes by the pseudonym of ‘Annie Seed’, and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in future issues!

Finally (and a little off topic) my friend, the talented designer Olly Prentice has been designing covers for the new series of books by YA fiction writer, JD Field. When the first copy of ‘Song To Wake To’ arrived, Olly asked for my help in displaying the cover for a little film. So I present to you my very first stint of hand modelling…


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