Murder Margaret Wrote (Part 3!)

Good evening!

I am pleased to be able to tell you that the finale of the Dolls House magazine’s murder mystery is now on shelves! I really enjoyed doing this piece as I got to draw a character (my favourite thing to do). There’s also another little joke in the image. Can you spot it below?

I loved working on these! I was also thrilled with the following project I worked on, which will appear in next month’s issue. Keep an eye on the blog for an update (or pop into your local shop and purchase a whole issue! It’s a lovely little magazine for enthusiasts!)
 I have also recently completed another character for Gnaeus Julius comics. This time I was asked to design a villain, and I just couldn’t wait to get cracking! Her name is Catatonia, and we will have to wait and see what mischief she gets up to in future issues! Very exciting.
Speaking of exciting, Stuart of Gnaeus Julius also interpreted the Sweetie character for her debut in issue 14 of the Manchester Nova comics and I just love how she looks in his style. Here is his version; look at this fabulous whip action shot!
Right, back to work! It looks so busy on the way up to Christmas, but I hope to be able to bring you all the latest updates very soon (some of which I am just so excited to talk about!). I am starting a great big portrait soon so I am looking forward to bringing you some ‘work in progress’ shots!

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