Putty based Faux Pas and a new puppet

Good afternoon!

I am currently swamped with work, but in my efforts to multi-task I have started a new puppet based on my character designs for Baba Yaga. In the spirit of ‘experimentation’ I decided to work with a latex face, and so I needed to make a plaster mould. Needless to say, this is not without it’s own set of problems.
I have become very fond of epoxy putty (despite the stench) and chose to work on top of a paper mache base so as to hopefully eradicate the need to use alginate and work on the face of a real person.

‘Hurrah’, I thought, ‘let’s get you into a plaster mould’. Alas, my joy was short lived because I ran out of plaster halfway through filling the tub. I managed to get hold of some more plaster, and allow the mould to set but I did not predict this…

Oh no! The nose was stuck fast. So it was time for Plan B. Something I could easily peel out and that wouldn’t set. Plasticine!

The image above doesn’t depict the very end mould, but let me assure you that it actually works and disaster has been averted. Now it is time for a hand soak, because all of that moulding has taken its toll on my thumbs!

More to come soon (and never fear, I’ll reveal all about the post below this week).



  1. Turnip head says:

    A Baba Yaga based puppet!!!!

    • Hapon says:

      I am digging the way you are nraarting the doll making process. Your digital story really captures the idea that nraarting something you are deeply excited about and are constantly willing to share is the only way to fly. And what is interesting is you’ll find not everyone has such a luxury to be so deeply obsessed with something. I tend to think it’s a gift seems to me as an outsider looking in on artists that artists are necessarily obsessed with communicating through a medium. That’s why I am fascinated between the links between fine arts and emerging communication methods on the internet. A bit broad I know, but still fascinating to me.

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