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Good afternoon!

Here’s a few updates on recent models (there are a couple more exciting projects underway but they’re temporarily under wraps). For the book I have been working on, I decided to try a new approach. It was my concern that with repeated use the wire armature inside the felted models would be prone to snapping, and this would present a problem for future repair (being that it’s an awfully fiddly job and I would rather not have to snip into one to fix something). Ball joints were the best solution, but as an experiment I decided to obtain a couple of pre-jointed wooden mannequins and model on top of these.
One model has been quickly sculpted with epoxy putty on the head and hands, so as to still give flexible movement of the ball joints and the other I have started to sculpt onto with needle felting. Obviously, it’s very early days for both so check back for more updates as they progress!



  1. Turnip head says:

    A book would be cool.
    Really cool.
    Can’t wait to see more of the models.

  2. Pearl Grey says:

    Hehe, thanks! I shall keep you posted! P x

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